solar panels

Solar panels and charging places at our company premises in Ieper

Sustainability is an extremely important part of our lives. Therefore, as a company, we are striving to reduce our ecological and carbon footprint to a minimum. Investing in green energy and the greening of the vehicle fleet figure prominently in realizing such a sustainable future.

Therefore, we’ve recently invested in 3,061 solar panels, accounting for a total capacity of 1.73 megawatts at our company premises in Ieper (Belgium).

The installation of these solar panels is just a first step. More solar panels will be installed on other roofs of our company buildings in a later phase. By doing this, we are taking another step toward renewable energy and further reducing our CO2 emissions.

We’ve also installed 33 charging stations, representing 66 charging places, on our main parking in Ieper. These charging places are available not only for our employees but also for our customers, visitors, and suppliers.

Cars with a fossil drive will not disappear immediately, but electric models are clearly on the rise. And this trend will undoubtedly continue in the coming years. That’s why the charging infrastructure will also be further expanded at our new headquarters.