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Product development

As part of the one-stop-shop solution for your electronic products, Psicontrol offers a full service for project-based product development of electronic hardware, embedded software, and mechanical enclosure design. By combining CDM (Contract Design & Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design & Manufacturing), we partner with our customers to create products that feature a competitive advantage throughout the entire lifecycle. The full development and lifecycle of the product is guided by an extensive and formal process.


All our projects start with us carefully listening to you, the customer

All of Psicontrol’s creations ensure tailor-made products for your market. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we carefully listen to every insight and detail, no matter how small. By taking such an approach, we can then successfully map this to the newest and best-fitting technologies to further drive your market. But you’re still in control – and thanks to our extensive experience with technology and our product platforms, you can create exciting new products while remaining completely focused on your core business. 

Psicontrol 4 inch concept

Making a great first and second impression

The first impression is about appearance. Meanwhile, the second impression involves user experience. At Psicontrol, we understand the importance of making a great first and second impression. For this reason, from the design stage, we invest a lot of time and expertise in realizing the finest aesthetics, surface finish, colors and lights, usability, and intuitiveness in all of the ranges of product budget and production volumes. We provide a full development service for plastic, metal, or glass-based products. Because looks sell!

"We carefully listen to every insight and detail, no matter how small."
Psicontrol 4 inch concept

Hardware, software, and enclosure design

“Do more with less…” - specialists in each specific area of expertise work together to create closely integrated products, mapping requirements to get the optimal performance and functionality out of each individual component. We focus on less cost, less complexity, and less downtime. In essence, we create highly innovative products that are designed to stand the test of time and fashion.

Product development - validation

Validation and certification 

From the ground up over the last few decades, product compliance has gained importance, professionalizing the business, benefitting the environment we live in, and creating better and more reliable products. Psicontrol has invested over a long period of time in its own pre-compliance EMC and environmental labs and test facilities. This approach ensures that from the first prototypes onwards, the products will fulfill all requirements, avoiding any potential costly rework in the final stages of approval. Psicontrol can govern the full certification process of your product; not only for CE compliance, but also for North American markets (UL/CSA), automotive e-marking, as well as for wireless, RF and mobile certifications.