The journey is the story

The way we work

From the nature of our business model, which combines development projects with series production, our success is directly related to the success of our customers and the products we design and produce for them. This is why we greatly value the relationship and mutual understanding that we have with our customers. Each project is a journey, and it is only through working as close partners on each journey that we can achieve the synergy it takes to create products that bring us to the next level. 



With the specific market and background knowledge, we regard our customers as our most valuable partners in development. We strive to realize the synergy between technical knowledge and application experience, often even in a technical cooperation setup between Psicontrol and our customer. Psicontrol is open to all levels of co-engineering, enabling you as the customer to focus on your core business. 


IP and libraries 

During development, our engineers are able to rely on a predefined development system that secures past experience, hardware and software libraries, and an extensive layered SW system that enables flexible and fast development and adaption into, for example, a changing HW environment. Even with changing requirements during development, our engineers can easily adapt, which in turn minimizes any additional project costs.


Project management 

All projects at Psicontrol are handled according to a strict but flexible stage-gated development process. Supervised by a dedicated project leader and customer contact from the start of development until full series production, customers are regularly updated on the development status and receive clear communications regarding expectations of development material and prototypes. With a “firm handshake” after each development stage, you can rest assured that your project deadlines will be met.