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PsiControl is an international full-service EMS provider with our headquarters, Sales, and R&D in Ypres (Belgium) and our electronics production for series electronic boards, modules, and systems in Brasov (Romania). PsiControl develops and produces custom-made electronics and controls with a technological focus on contemporary human interfacing, wireless communication technologies, and embedded systems. By using our own wide-ranging portfolio of processing core platforms, controller intelligence, human interfacing, electrical IO, and external communication can be combined into a single product in various different ways, depending on the customer needs.

This “all-in-one” principle represents a very cost-effective customized solution, which is built to the specifications of the customer. Working in a close and constructive partnership with our customers, we are able to generate innovative, cost-effective, and marketable solutions. 

PsiControl, part of Picanol Group

Picanol Group is a diversified industrial group and it is active worldwide in the fields of mechanical engineering, agriculture, food, energy, water management, the efficient (re)use of natural resources, and other industrial markets.

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    +100 locations in more than 25 countries

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    +7,000 employees

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    2.2 billion euros in turnover realized in 2020


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PsiControl combines two individual companies in two countries with a total of approximately 380 employees. The company's headquarters, which comprises R&D, strategic purchasing, and electronics production for prototypes and pilot series, is located in Belgium. Meanwhile, series products are produced in medium and large quantities in Romania. We work with identical, standardized processes and the same production machines at both locations, thus ensuring smooth, fast, and cost-effective processes.

About us - headquarters Belgium

Headquarters Belgium (Ypres)

Here in Flanders Fields you can find the Picanol Group grounds, which also include the headquarters of PsiControl. 

Steverlyncklaan 15, 8900 Ypres, Belgium

Email: info@psicontrol.com
Phone: +32 (0) 57 40 96 96
Fax: +32 (0) 57 40 96 97

About us - production factory Romania

Production factory Romania (Râșnov)

Campului Street 1, 505400 Râșnov, Romania

Email: info@psicontrol.com
Phone: +40 268 23 00 81
Fax: +40 268 23 00 15

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