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The requirements are growing daily. Applications and devices consist of various technologies that are applied to numerous industries. We’re referring here to everything from printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to full product assembly and manufacturing. This means the need to deal with complex electronic circuit boards as well as mechanical enclosures (sheet metals, CNC, plastics, etc.) in order to realize the perfect result for our customers.

Our customers come from a range of highly diverse industries, and many of them are market leaders in their segment. They rely on our expertise and experience, and we are proud to be involved in the success of their products. 

Markets we serve - industry


The requirements of Industry for assemblies and devices are very diverse and demanding. The area of application might create special requirements in terms of shock, damp, or temperature resistance, or the possibility of production outages has to be prevented by using smart monitoring and communication of the device’s status. Put simply, extraordinary requirements need extraordinary solutions. Psicontrol creates and manufactures a wide range of innovative solutions that ensure the highest levels of reliability, even under extreme conditions. 

Markets we serve - agriculture

Agriculture and horticulture

Whether we are talking about greenhouses, barns, milk chambers, or warehouses, the reality is that special electrical requirements apply to agricultural and horticultural operating plants. This is due to the following factors: exposure to moisture, adverse effects caused by dust, chemical vapors, or acids and increased mechanical stress.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the design and production of electronics for harsh environments, as well as broad expertise in enclosure design for demanding environmental requirements, Psicontrol is the outstanding partner for the development and manufacturing of agricultural and horticultural products. 

Psicontrol 4 inch concept - applications


Psicontrol has also realized success in the development and manufacturing of products for HVAC systems, and these are supplied to well-known partners in this industry. Working closely with our customers, we develop concepts and implement them in products, which then provide customized solutions for tasks that range from “simple” to “complex”. Room temperature control panels, low-energy sensor technology, wireless communication, dust, water, and damp-resistant or potted electronics for wet rooms are just a few of our many areas of application.

We know that a major fear for device manufacturers is that hackers will break into their products and access the personal data of their customers. Through implementing security on the lowest embedded level, Psicontrol can provide you with safe and secure access to your devices.

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Markets we serve - Smart home

Smart Home

There is no disputing the fact that Smart Home devices and equipment are redefining the way we live. For example, the lights in our houses are turned off based on our habits and the window shades that control themselves,  and speech control thanks to the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Google. The reality is that this is simplifying our lives. At Psicontrol we have a lot of expertise in wireless networks and telecommunications, and we are able to help make this new world happen more smoothly. This backs up our claim that we are a premium EMS partner for the development and manufacturing of Smart Home products. 

Markets we serve - Transportation


What do ships, railroads, commercial vehicles, and agricultural or construction machinery all have in common? They all feature electronic products that must be designed to withstand high demands. More specifically, we’re referring here to everything from vibrations and shocks to splash water and very high-temperature fluctuations. The fact is that the range of tasks which are placed on this kind of electronics is considerable.

However, this is not a problem for Psicontrol. We have many years of experience in developing and producing intelligent electronics and sub-assemblies for harsh environments. 

Markets we serve - Caravan


At Psicontrol we are very familiar with the unique requirements for robustness, temperature range, shock and vibration resistance, and reliability for automotive electronics. This expertise has made us the key EMS partner and electronics supplier for the world's leading supplier of mobile sanitation systems and refrigerators for caravans and motor homes for over 20 years. Based on this special knowledge and our extended know-how in Smart Home, Human Machine Interface design, and CI-bus systems, Psicontrol is also the first choice for the development and manufacturing of fully customized modern control panels and other electric and electronic equipment for the caravan sector. 

Markets we serve - vending machines

Vending machines

Inspired by the daily use of modern smartphone technologies, users are now also demanding additional features for vending machines and control panels. We’re talking here about voice control, advanced wireless connectivity, and engaging, dynamic human-machine interfaces based on touch panels. Psicontrol has already anticipated this trend, and we offer solutions in these areas that are being increasingly adopted by many of the leading companies in the vending business. 

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