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At Psicontrol, we help you spot, ride and exploit the next tech wave in your market. We keep an eye on incoming high-tech waves. We see which ones promise progress, and the ones that will ripple out. The ones relevant for your progress, and then we help you ride them. With personalized (applied) high-tech, with improvements through proven solutions. Through efficiency and reliability. By being trustworthy and always there. For a long lasting and sustainable future.

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Our customers come from a range of highly diverse industries, and many of them are market leaders in their segment. They rely on our expertise and experience, and we are proud to be involved in the success of their products.

Technologies and platforms

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Experience the Psicontrol difference

We continuously focus on those technologies that create a competitive advantage for our customers’ products. By this, we mean products that are simply a pleasure for the user to work with, products that are aesthetically pleasing, and products that represent the very cutting edge of technology. We offer the perfect environment for you to convert your innovative idea into a successful product.

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Latest news

  • Psicontrol is a partner of SGET

    Psicontrol is now a member of SGET

    Psicontrol recently became a member of SGET (Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies), thus joining a number of renowned companies in the industry. SGET is an international, non-profit association that provides a platform for defining and marketing open industry standards for embedded technologies.
  • Psicontrol 4 inch concept

    Visit Psicontrol at Advanced Engineering in Antwerp, Belgium

    Things are moving fast in the Belgian manufacturing industry. At Advanced Engineering from May 15 to 16, 2024, you will find out exactly which wave you need to jump on, which trends are on the way and how the most current issues regarding product development are being answered. Advanced Engineering is a unique and innovative trade show platform. It...
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    Two new SMD lines at Psicontrol Romania

    Psicontrol recently commissioned two more new SMD lines at its production plant in Râșnov, Romania. This relates to the replacement of two old lines, which means we now have a fully up-to-date and high-tech machine park in Romania with a total of no less than five SMD lines. This has enabled us to expand our production capacity once again. We’re...

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