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We continuously focus on those technologies that create a competitive advantage for our customers’ products. By this, we mean products that are simply a pleasure for the user to work with, products that are aesthetically pleasing, and products that represent the very cutting edge of technology. We offer the perfect environment for you to convert your innovative idea into a successful product.

Technologies - user experience

User Experience

In the new age of consumer electronics, the expectations of the user with regard to how they interact with any appliance have clearly changed. Animated touch interfaces that are fast and responsive and which effortlessly integrate physics and natural behavior transform the interface into an intuitive and pleasant experience. Psicontrol has captured the essence of bringing HMIs into the world of humans by using innovative techniques, not only in high-end markets, but also in cost-competitive markets. This is because a product that is a joy to operate is also a product that is adored. 

Psicontrol delivers more than just electronics. We are able to design, develop, produce, and deliver your entire product.
Markets we serve - industry

Product enclosure design

Synergy is key, i.e. creating great electronics in a beautiful enclosure. Psicontrol delivers more than just electronics. We are able to design, develop, produce, and deliver your entire product. Not just as a one-stop-shop, but as a creator and integrator of electronics, plastics, metal, glass, and software. Our aim is to get the most out of each component, mastering techniques to optimize surface structures, light effects, and functionality. We are committed to creating products that are both smart and attractive.

Technologies - connected devices

Connected devices 

At Psicontrol, we like to think beyond the “hype” of connectivity. Therefore, our focus involves working on real applications with real advantages that generate real value. Whether it is WiFi, Bluetooth, proprietary ISM, or the latest public LTE-M or NBIoT technologies, based on our comprehensive RF knowledge and experience, we can create reliable connections and get them certified worldwide. You will be able to control your product via Smartphone or Smart speaker, with cloud or cloudless solutions. Follow and connect your products from the factory all over the world by using the newest NBIoT standards, which place emphasis on security and usability.