Psicontrol 4 inch concept - applications

Discover our new 4 inch concept

The newest technology with short time to market

With the 4 inch concept, Psicontrol is clearly demonstrating its ambition to continuously spot the new tech waves
and convert them into reliable and proven concepts.

The expertise behind this newest technology has been built, documented, and explored. In other words, it is ready to be integrated
into our customers’ new products with a very short time to market.

Psicontrol 4 inch concept

A brief glance at the technology expertise applied in the 4 inch concept:

  • Full touch 4” IPS OCA high resolution display with Mipi
  • Secure IoT connectivity
    • Ready for Matter
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Thread technology
  • Multi platform (MCU and MPU version)
  • Linux and RTOS
  • IEC62443 – Secure by design
  • IEC61554 – Fit for standard panel mounted equipment
  • Environmental sensors: temperature, humidity, air quality (TVOC), pressure & ambient light sensor

Ready for your application

Psicontrol joined the NXP i.MX9 beta Program with the aim of becoming one of the first companies to explore this brand-new processor. With its unique features, the NXP i.MX9 proves itself to be the perfect match for our 4 inch concept. And not just that – it’s also highly likely to be the perfect match for many custom-made controllers requiring a high-performing processing core and on chip security and communication peripherals.

Our involvement at an early stage ensures a short time to market for our customers’ products. And the acquired expertise can be used in a straightforward design cycle.

Psicontrol 4 inch concept

Alternative design based on the newest microcontroller (MCU)

To fully demonstrate the power of the 4 inch concept, an alternative design has been implemented. 

Built on a modern MCU with a Cortex-M33 architecture, a powerful and cost-efficient concept has been created. With its integrated FLASH and SRAM memories, it is a condensed yet highly versatile base from which to create cutting edge products. And another key benefit is its low power consumption.

Equipped with CAN, RS485, Wi-Fi, Multiprotocol 2.4 Radio (BLE/Zigbee/Thread/Matter, etc.) and a 4 inch IPS full touch screen works for many applications.

This new component will also have high availability with a short lead time, produced in state-of-the-art wafer facilities.

DIN IEC61554 industry standard

The design of the 4 inch concept has been chosen to fit almost any form factor. To this end, wall-mounted, flush mount, or fully integrated into the appliance are just a few of the many possibilities on offer. Furthermore, its compact size allows integration into almost every modern device.

  • Psicontrol 4 inch concept

    Wall mounted room controller

  • Psicontrol 4 inch concept

    Integrated appliance product controller

  • Psicontrol 4 inch concept

    Panel mounted equipment

Due to the selected 4” square IPS display, the device can be made according to the IEC61554 ¼ DIN industry form factor. This represents a significant advantage in terms of integrating it into the existing cut-out of many industrial panels.

Psicontrol 4 inch concept - secure by design

Secure by design

At Psicontrol, we integrate security from the initial concept. The 4 inch concept uses:

  • Product Security
  • End-to-End Security
  • User control

Applying the ISA/IEC 62443-4-1 Secure Development Life-Cycle through the full development cycle.

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