• 500 million placed SMD components

    500 million placed SMD components


    In 2023, Psicontrol reached the special milestone of no less than 500 million placed SMD components in a single year, which is a new highlight for our company. This new milestone was achieved in tandem at our production plant in Ieper (Belgium) and our plant in Râșnov (Romania).

  • 2022

    New factory in Romania


    PsiControl officially opened its new production facility in Râșnov (Brașov, Romania) in 2022. PsiControl, which has been active in Romania since 2006 with its own production plant, decided in 2018 to invest in a new plant comprising 11,000 square meters of floor space. With the investment in a new production facility and additional investments in, among other things, two new SMD lines and IT systems - which in total amount to 12 million EUR - PsiControl is resolutely aiming for further growth and ensuring a sustainable anchoring in Romania.

  • 2017

    Expansion to Germany


    To provide improved support for the growing German market, PsiControl opened an office in Germany.

  • 2016

    10 years of PsiControl in Romania


    In 2016, PsiControl celebrated the 10th anniversary of PsiControl Srl in Romania. In the preceding years, the Râșnov subsidiary had experienced strong growth, as a result of which the tandem with the plant in Ieper had become a major asset for PsiControl.

  • 2014

    Greater focus on customized electronics - renamed as PsiControl


    Due to the constant growing success in the development and production of fully customized electronics, the decision was taken to focus on this business and rename the company as PsiControl.

  • 2011

    Expansion of the machine park in Romania


    A major investment was made in terms of expanding the initial machine park with high-tech machines. Extra SMT lines, test equipment, selective solder and wave solder lines opened up new possibilities for further growth.

  • 2006

    New production site in Romania for PsiControl Mechatronics


    To ensure its successful growth, Protronic changed its name to PsiControl and expanded to Eastern Europe. A new production site was built with a strong focus on flexibility and lean manufacturing.

  • 2002

    Foundation of Protronic NV


    Spin-off of the mechatronic business unit of Picanol into the independent company Protronic nv.

  • 2000

    Acquisition by Picanol


    Picanol realized that electronics control would be a key success factor for the highly technological weaving machines. With this acquisition, a first step in investing in its own electronic production capability was made.

  • EMS - Industrialization

    Founded as an EMS company


    A former Picanol employee started a small EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Service - company that supplied assembled electronic boards for the Picanol weaving machines.