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Product platforms

In our continuous quest to provide an even better service to our customers, Psicontrol develops ODM product platforms and product demonstrators that are based on our core technologies and competencies. Not only are we able to create a better visualization of what our technologies can mean for your product, but our product platforms can also boost the development and time to market for your products. Easily adaptable to your specific needs, interfaces, and requirements, our platforms will give your product development a flying head start! 

Psicontrol 4 inch concept

4 inch concept 

The 4 inch concept is a cost-effective, integrated, secure, connected and multifunctional HMI concept platform with a smartphone-like experience and look and feel, making us ready to catch the next tech wave. This concept provides the unique basis for a short time to market for customized products that has applications in different market segments. It combines a high-end look and feel with easy product integration.

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Product platforms - SwipeRange platform

SwipeRange platform 

Psicontrol’s SwipeRange platform is part of a series of highly integrated HMI solutions that have been designed for use in very cost-competitive markets. Enabling innovative touch solutions for interfaces without or with up to a 7” TFT display, these platforms deliver the same look and feel of a modern high-end interface, without the requirement for high-end HW resources. Furthermore, deep integration with custom enclosure and cover lens enables cost-effective touch functionality for each level of interface, either with a button, a slider with optional backlights, or a full touch screen solution.

Product platforms - Linux Control Platform

Linux Control platform 

Psicontrol’s high-end application control platform delivers Multicore Ghz performance and GByte memory from the highly popular and long-life IMx family from NXP. With a full integration on the PCB board, our solution can be very cost-effective in higher production volumes, with a very high level of flexibility towards interfaces and customization, and still achieve a fast time to market. HMI possibilities are seamlessly connected to the SwipeRange family, and the standard Linux platform represents the ideal basis for high-level applications. 

Product platforms - C-Touch


More than just a platform, the C-Touch is available as an off-the-shelf product that is specifically designed and certified for the caravan and RV market. With high-end HMI features and local wireless control via smartphone and/or speaker, C-Touch can bring the Smart Home right into your camper. Compatible with the standard CI bus, C-Touch is the first in a series of products that enhance the quality of vacations on the road.