Flexible and cost-effective: the perfect combination

Electronics assembly and production

Psicontrol provides EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) either in combination with our product development or as an independent EMS provider.

Our production facilities offer our customers the unique synergy of a smaller scale, flexible, and fast production plant in Belgium, as well as a cost-effective mass production plant in Romania. Both facilities work seamlessly in tandem to provide the optimal production solution for every product and every customer. The Belgian production facility has been optimized to provide very fast cycle times, and this creates a flexible solution for prototypes, smaller series, and products with large variability. Being so close to our product development operations ensures short feedback loops and a true design for production. Meanwhile, our Romanian subsidiary specializes in volume production and lean operations to provide optimum cost-effectiveness. Having a production facility located in Eastern Europe avoids the long transit times associated with facilities in the Far East, and it also ensures product confidentiality. 

EMS - PCB assembly

PCB assembly

Our state-of-the-art automated production lines are the core of our production facilities, and they cover the entire range from prototyping up to high-volume production. This includes mastering all PCB population and soldering techniques (e.g. reflow, wave, selective, hot bar, etc.) and providing inline automated inspection and test systems (3D SPI, 3D AOI, flying probe, JTAG, functional testing & programming, etc.).

We can give your products a high-quality appearance while simultaneously protecting delicate electronics from harsh environments.
Psicontrol team

Product assembly

Psicontrol's production offers a full-service production of electronic equipment. This approach not only delivers printed circuit boards, but also fully programmed, assembled, and packaged devices with accessories and manuals, labeled and ready for delivery to your end customers. We are able to facilitate gluing (with or without plasma treatment), potting, laser marking, cabling, and even full control box building. Our comprehensive service offer includes assembly tests, programming, the pairing of wireless devices or registration into the customers’ systems, Run-in or Burn-in tests, and OBA inspections. And all of these can be arranged to ensure that your products will always reach the customers in perfect condition!

EMS - Industrialization

Industrialization and test development

As an integral part of the development process – and indeed from the first concepts in design – we make sure that a specialized team is assigned to your project. This team meticulously focuses on the producibility of the proposed product, and Design for Exellence (DfX) in general. However, we also carefully consider your existing design in EMS mode. This involves developing specific production test systems and assembly tools, setting up the logistics, packaging, creating a quality assurance system, and then preparing for the mass production of your product for our different production sites.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance is deeply embedded into our company philosophy, and this applies to both development and production as well as all supporting activities. And being committed to such a principle is absolutely essential as we are placing over 1 million electronics components every day.

With regard to quality assurance, our production plants are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO13485, and we deliver electronics according to IPC 610A Class II. For specific products that carry UL/CSA labels, audits and factory inspections are successfully carried out on a regular basis.