Psicontrol is a partner of SGET

Psicontrol is now a member of SGET

Psicontrol is a partner of SGET

Psicontrol recently became a member of SGET (Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies), thus joining a number of renowned companies in the industry. SGET is an international, non-profit association that provides a platform for defining and marketing open industry standards for embedded technologies.

System on Module

Psicontrol produces custom-made controllers, with electronics that are fully tailored to individual customer requirements. However, for lower volume projects, we sometimes use a standard SoM (System on Module). This is a type of building block that comprises the core components of an embedded control system on a single circuit board (including processor, memory blocks, and communication interfaces). These modules or building blocks are pre-verified, tested, and certified, among other factors, thus reducing the project's development complexity.

"Psicontrol recently commenced the design of a similar, standard SoM module, to be used internally in various projects. This should make it possible to shorten the time-to-market and bring down the cost of development," explains Dirk Willemot (Senior Sales Manager).

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