News - JDE Professional's Cafitesse coffee machine

PsiControl has created the user interface for JDE Professional's Cafitesse coffee machine

How do you create a graphical user interface for a consumer product while keeping costs down? That is the question around which the multinational STMicroelectronics (STM) recently proposed a blog in cooperation with PsiControl. STM, a Swiss manufacturer of electronics and semiconductors, supplies various electronics components to PsiControl.

The fact that the project was a great achievement was obvious, because after 18 months of development, the PsiControl team was able to deliver a user interface with TouchGFX that now serves as the basis for the JDE Professional’s “Cafitesse excellence compact touch” coffee machine. PsiControl has been recognized by STM as a "TouchGFX implementer" for some time now.

For all details regarding this project, please take a look at STM's blog via this link: PsiControl, a TouchGFX Implementer Creates the UI for a Coffee Machine.