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Psicontrol, part of Tessenderlo Group, welcomes you to its headquarters in Ieper.

Our company tour’s agenda:
  • Introduction to Psicontrol and its R&D activities
  • R&D game
  • Guided tour through the R&D labs and production facility
  • Networking drink

We will start the tour with an introduction to our company and our R&D activities. From there, we will play the R&D game. This game will give you an insight into the activities of our R&D department through hands-on experience. Your mission will be to deactivate an imaginary bomb in time by solving various problems. The times will be logged to make this an inter-campus challenge.

After the game, we will guide you through our offices, R&D lab, EMC lab, climate chambers and production facility. Once you’ve received a good overview of our company, we will invite you to enjoy a drink at our bar where, if desired, you will get the opportunity to chat with some of our younger colleagues who have similar academic backgrounds to you.

Company visits are limited to schools and universities and a standard visit takes 3 hours, although this can be adjusted to meet your needs. For example, there can be an extended focus on certain topics or the time available for your visit.

How can you request a company visit?

Fill in the form or contact us via
We look forward to your visit!