Psicontrol EMS

Reshore: near, quick, reliable

Electronic Manufacturing Services: made in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly made offshore production facilities feel very far away. Finding it hard to make contact and it being impossible to visit due to quarantining or travel restrictions made providing assistance even more complicated than before.


Situated in the heart of Europe with strategic locations in Belgium (Western Europe) and Brasov, Romania (Eastern Europe), Psicontrol is perfectly positioned to produce and supply electronic boards and assemblies. Within just two days of a train/truck journey from our HUB in Belgium, which is our main electronic manufacturing plant, we are near to you.

Short communication lines are provided to ensure we stay in permanent contact. This is essential to maintaining your supply chain. Psicontrol shares the same time zone as its customers, as well as the same culture and language.

New production plant in Romania

New factory in Romania

The new production facility offers an even more extensive range of services. Our activities in Romania include Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), PCB assembly, module assembly, logistics procurement, and local sourcing.

Organized to be flexible: in close contact with our customers, we manufacture their products according to their specific needs. We anticipate future requirements, align priorities, and make sure that we deliver our products and services in a quick and reliable way.

Interested to discover how we can make your work easier?

If you are keen to collaborate with a nearby, reliable supplier for your electronic manufacturing, please get in contact and see how your daily work can become easier.